In the new wake of recent coronavirus and bird flu in China; we hereby sympathize with all affected humans all over the world and also want to use this medium to plead for control measures.

It will be good if China will tighten up securities against wildlife/endangered species trafficking and illegal sourcing without proper documentation at her borders.

Most countries in EU, Australia and North America frowning against animal trafficking and illegal sourcing into their country are doing so for the benefit of all.

For instance in the timber business, some countries don’t allowed barked and un-fumigated wood into their country because it helps to control pest or other viruses being transported from one country to the other.

China is becoming a solace for high illegalities due to cheap sourcing and BlackCamel Energy Ltd believes this is the right time for them to correct all abnormalities and help save the world.

Death of innocent people is not worth any profit whatsoever and everyone need to stand against it.

China! this is your time to prove to the world and help stop illegalities, unsustainable practices and wildlife trafficking at your borders.

Recently, we heard about China working towards correcting their forest laws and this news was being celebrated by EIA who have been pressurizing China to do so for close to 20years.

This is a bit amusing because this forestry laws that frowns against illegalities shouldn’t be what someone need to be compelled about. It should be what every country should have in place. It should be a necessity.

We pray for China at this trying time and also pray for all affected families. May they find peace and the fortitude to bear their losses.

God bless China. God bless Africa. God bless Nigeria and God bless everyone.



BlackCamel Energy Ltd


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