A strong knowledge of the market demand led to the formation of BlackCamel Energy Limited.  We have made substantial inroads into the international furniture production and trading market. We are actively engaged on several exportation of legitimately harvested exotic sustainable furniture components as decking, cladding and exotic table tops to China, Taiwan, Japan, U.A.E, Vietnam and Europe

The company’s management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. BlackCamel Energy Limited maintains an environment and structure that encourages productivity, respect for customers and fellow employees.

BlackCamel Energy has a world- class management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive business experience and unique operational skills.

The company leadership has enviable years of experience in designing and delivering business strategy and operations management solutions across multiple organizations.

We are the pioneer of legal wood harvest through traceability network in Nigeria, thereby encouraging sustainable forest management in the country and beyond through legal harvest.

We are actively engaged in afforestation and the first pioneer for timber and all forest products certification in the country. Our activity can be found on international groups and sustainable timber platform globally.

We remain a top notch exporter of sustainable furniture components that helps in locking up sequestered carbon for cleaner environment and helps in fighting climate change. Our sustainable timber products are being used in building homes, building boats, outdoor decking, cladding, panelling, ceilings, flooring and many more.

Our products are all CE Marked and do comes with traceability documentation that helps in promoting and managing a sustainable forest. We are supplier to global end users in Asia, Europe, Australia and The United States of America.

The company that is well known for its integrity and great human relation is being managed by Olajide Joseph, a globally certified entrepreneur/forester with his world class management team.

We pledged to do our best to make sure we remain the best exporter of sustainable furniture components from Africa.

Reliability, Integrity, Honesty, Perseverance and Egalitarian is our pillar which we strongly believe and operate on.

Looking forward to hear and work with you soon.