Our contribution to reforestation



  1. 20 Acres of land at Jagun’s Village, Ideere, Oyo State, Nigeria. Planted Tree(s): Teak (Tectona Grandis). Year of plantation: 2002
  2. 20 Acres of land at Ishara, Remo North, Ogun State, Nigeria. Planted tree(s): Varieties (Gmelina, Black afara, Teak). Year of plantation: 2018



1. Protecting forest resources: The federal ministry of environment has already issued consumption quota (license) and we are working collectively towards enforcing the approved quota giving.

2. Compulsory national tree planting campaign: This will be extensively done by BlackCamel Energy Ltd staffs and closely monitored by the executives or approved group or carried out by approved state and national agencies.

3. Promoting forest science and education: Encourages scientists and technicians to be involved in extension, consulting, development and contracting and information services. This will have been practicing since 2016

4. Integrating forest reforms in local economy: Though the national tree planting campaign continues, the whole society should be mobilized to contribute to the development of forestry in different forms and through various channels. We’ve done this extensively in Oyo State, Ogun State and Kwara State respectively.

5. Macro-control measures: Including the quotas of allowable cuts. These measures aimed at maintaining the balance between the consumption and growth of forest resources and maximizing the ecological social and economic benefits of forestry.

BlackCamel Energy Ltd supports fell one plant 5 policy 100%