Legal Timber Purchasing Policy/Statement

BLACKCAMEL recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment, customers, suppliers and staff to base its commercial activities on legally harvested forests.

We are committed to purchasing all timber from legal harvested sources and will seek evidence of compliance, where needed, from suppliers by operating a due diligence system. We are committed to complying with the EU, Asia, American and Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act where applicable, the Illegal Logging Prohibition Regulation.

We recognise that credible independent certification and 3rd party verification of forest management and chain of custody significantly reduces the risk that the timber is illegally harvested when purchasing timber from sources that are anything other than a low risk. Our company will not encourage boycotts or bans on specific species of timber. Notwithstanding this, the company will cease to purchase any timber and timber products whose supply is in breach of any national legislation in the country of harvest.

We are responsible for the implementation of this Policy and our company’s due diligence system and will ensure that relevant legality issues are discussed regularly at the highest level of management. We will ensure that all employees associated with timber purchasing are aware of the Policy commitments, and are given appropriate education and training to allow its full implementation.

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