BLACKCAMEL ENERGY LTD and selected stakeholders are the pioneer of Forest products traceability network (FPTNetwork), a non-governmental organization that focuses on sustainable forest management through legal timber harvest.

A duly organized and existing non-governmental association under the laws of Nigeria with registration number RC 134992 with its principal place of business in Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria.

An organization that seeks to ensure sustainable forest management practices among forest products contractors, corporate and non-corporate organizations, sourcing agents, suppliers, marketers, exporters, the end users etc. through forest products traceability in accordance to their timber legality standard.

We are working with best international forestry agencies such as GTS to make sure Nigerian timber trading being practiced by FPTNetwork are free from illegal logging and forest abuse. Our timber legality standard is in alliance with global best timber practice and in conformity with the EUTR American Lacey Act and the Australian Illegal logging Prohibition Act 2012

Any timber being certified by Forest products traceability network is considered legally harvested and in conformity with EUTR, American Lacey Act and the Australian Illegal logging prohibition Act 2012

Certified timber from FPTNetwork helps fights against climate change because it is legally harvested. It locks up sequestered carbon and helps in absorbing carbon emission. Certified products from FPTNetwork are being sold globally as legal timber and it is being accepted in the EU, America, Australia and Japan as it conforms with their timber illegality prohibition act