In the new wake of recent coronavirus and bird flu in China; we hereby sympathize with all affected humans all over the world and also want to use this medium to plead for control measures. It will be good if China will tighten up securities against wildlife/endangered species trafficking and illegal sourcing without proper documentation […]

Nigerian Timber Data

Greetings; We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website for timber data capturing in Nigeria! After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our website Our goal is to help promote sustainable forest management in the country and keep information of legitimately harvested timber. […]

Progress towards establishment of National Timber Certification Council in Nigeria

Progress towards establishment of National Timber Certification Council in Nigeria On 20 January 2018, with the directional help of Remi Sournia, Projects & Development Officer at PEFC, the Nigerian hardwood trading company BlackCamel Energy Ltd organised the first National Stakeholders information meeting on Sustainable Forest Management in Nigeria through certification at Nandas Hotel, Sagamu, Nigeria. At the meeting, Joseph Olajide, Chairman of […]

New Dawn for African Hardwood Export from Nigeria

Dear Sir/Ma’am LETTER OF INVITATION   In order for Nigeria to develop its national forest certification system, and to have it endorsed by PEFC, BlackCamel Energy Ltd in respect of the Nigerian Timber Certification Council would like to invite you to its first stakeholder information meeting on the 20th of January, 2018 at:   VENUE:                […]


This will be the first stakeholder meeting in this respect. The meeting will be solely on starting a national forest certification system and also creating a certification committee amongst the stakeholders.   OBJECTIVES OF PEFC ENDORSED NATIONAL FOREST CERTIFICATION SYSTEM: Recognition that our nationally agreed forest management standards and certified forest producers meet internationally recognized […]

Zambia announces indefinite ban on “In Transit” timber

Zambia, 20 th April 2017 — In an encouraging move for East African forestry management and timber trade, the Zambian government has announced a ban on all “ In Transit ” timber within the country. The declaration, passed today, takes place effective immediately until further notice.   17 species of timber have been specified within […]