1. All accidents, no matter how slight, must be reported to supervisors IMMEDIATELY.
2. An accident investigation report must be completed following an injury. Please make sure all
injuries are reported to your Supervisor or Management and this report is completed by the office personnel.
3. Any employee injured on the job or requiring medical treatment must first report the injury to
her/his supervisor. If your injury requires an Emergency Room visit, then a drug and alcohol test must be performed. If you go to the Emergency Room or to a physician on your own, you may have to pay your own bill. The company has the right to refuse payment when the company has approved a medical provider for treatment and you elect to use the services of another physician without obtaining consent from the company.
4. Personnel protective equipment (i.e., hard hats, cut resistant leg protection, eye protection, ear
protection, gloves, etc.) will be provided by the employer and must be worn in designated
areas at all times.
Designated areas where personal protective equipment is required are as follows:
5. All workers must wear adequate and proper fitting footwear. Tennis shoes, platform shoes,
sandals, etc. are not acceptable.
6. Use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs on the job or the debilitating effects of their prior use shall
not be permitted and shall be grounds for immediate termination of employment.
7. HORSEPLAY and running shall not be permitted on the premises, to include all work areas
in/outside the buildings and parking lots.
8. If you are unfamiliar with an operation or machine, you must first check with your supervisor
prior to proceeding.
9. Any unsafe condition noted must be reported to your supervisor, who is responsible for
having the conditions corrected prior to proceeding.
10. Machine and equipment operators must insure that all guards and shields are in place and in
proper working condition prior to beginning and during operations.
11. Equipment must be LOCKED AND/OR TAGGED OUT prior to performing maintenance,
adjustments, or removing debris. Allow coast down time for all parts to completely stop
moving before starting work. Make sure the equipment is at a “zero energy” state.
12. Machine guards and/or protective shields, barricades, safety devices, etc. shall not be
removed except by authorized personnel such as mechanics, maintenance personnel, etc. and shall be reinstalled as soon as maintenance activities are completed.
13. Three points of contact rule must be observed when entering and or exiting equipment or
vehicles at all times.
14. When mobile equipment i.e., forklifts, dozers, front-end loaders, skid steer machines etc., are
not in operation or parked, forks, buckets, blades, etc. shall be lowered to ground level.
15. Employees must wear seat belts when mobile equipment, tractor-trailers, or other vehicles
are being operated or when riding as a passenger in a company vehicle.
16. Hitching a ride on any mobile equipment, i.e., forklifts, dozers, front-end loaders, skid steer
machines, etc., is not allowed.
17. Employees shall not talk, signal, or distract in any manner another employee while they or
you are operating moving and/or mobile equipment, i.e., chain saws, forklifts, loaders, etc.
18. Chain saw operators must wear cut-resistant leg protection, hard hat, eye and ear protection.
20. All chain saws must be equipped with a properly functioning chain brake.
21. Chain saw operators must grip the saw firmly with both hands, using a thumb wrap grip on
the upper handle to control the saw. Never cut with the kickback section of the guide bar.
23. Aisles, doors, electrical panels, and fire extinguishers must be kept clear of material, trash or
equipment at all times.
24. Do not wear any type of loose clothing or hair around moving equipment and/or machines.
Loose sleeves shall be buttoned and hair shall be netted or covered in a sufficient manner.
25. All lumber handlers shall be required to wear gloves made of a material other than cotton.
26. Employee shall not attempt to remove jammed boards, slabs, or clogged chipper feeds with
their hands or a metal rod or pipe. A wooden push stick shall be provided.
25. Workers are not permitted in unauthorized or restricted areas unless authorized by the supervisor.
26. Pressurized air hoses can cause serious injuries. Never point the air nozzle towards yourself
or other employees.
27. Employees shall be required to wear eye protection while: using power driven nail/staple
guns; using strapping or other banding material, saw filing or grinding; chipper area; and any other designated area where eye injuries are likely to occur.
28. Employees must cross conveyors only at appropriate crossovers.
29. Employees must not enter areas with overhead hazards or go under or around chains or
30. All truck drivers must be a safe distance from the truck and trailer during loading or
unloading operations.
31. Housekeeping shall be performed in assigned work areas on a daily basis.
32. Employees shall not talk, signal, or distract in any manner another employee while they or
you are operating powered equipment, i.e., nail guns, saws, presses, drills, equipment, etc.
33. Physical violence will not be tolerated; violations will include disciplinary action up to and
including termination.
34. Each employee will be trained in, and required to use, proper lifting techniques and body
mechanics. When confronted with lifting and/or moving any object for which the employee must exert more force than that required in the performance of his routine duties, he is to either seek the assistance of an adequate number of employees to lift and/or move the object in a safe manner, or lift and/or move it by mechanical means.