BLACKCAMEL Energy Ltd.’s products are primarily used for nautical furniture and high end luxury products such as yacht, jets furniture, outdoor and indoor luxury furniture. It is a highly sort after product which requires a higher level of experience and technicality to produce.


The major problem of this highly sought-after product is the sourcing of its material. material was traditionally source from natural grown Teak (tectona grandis) which are called; Myanmar/Burma Teak. This however, has been referred to as Blood Teak because it is an endangered specie and many facts showed that proceeds from its sales were used to fund the unceasing war in Myanmar.

In respect to the above fact, most countries and continents made it a duty to ban the exotic timber from entering their country. Therefore, It was banned in The EU, UK, US, Australia and Canada. of-myanmars-blood-teak/


In order to keep the natural grown teak alive, its seeds were made available for planting in any region that can sustain its growth. These teak are known as plantation teak (tectona grandis) which are mostly planted for commercial purposes and ecological restoration.

The difference between these two is that one sprout up naturally in the Myanmar coastal rain forest while the other was propagated by the original seeds in reserved and managed areas. They are both Teak (tectona grandis) and possess the same characteristics.


Now here is where the technicalities and expertise lie. Despite sharing the same grain pattern and similarities, the quality of natural grown teak only appears in less than 40% of the life cycle of a plantation teak.

Meaning: If two logs are placed side by side. One a natural grown teak while the other a plantation teak, only 40% of natural grown teak 100% quality that can be found in the plantation teak.


We have taken our time and experience to study both product and have devised a formula for recovering only the finest quality (First European Quality) which makes our product 100% at par and even slightly ahead with the highest quality natural grown “blood” teak.


Apart from the fact that our plantation teak are sustainably sourced, all our products come with our guilt-free seal.


Guilt-Free Seal is an eco-friendly sticker with a QR Code embedded. It is a proof that the product is Net-zero compliant. It is a known fact that trees are natural carbon sinks. They capture and store up carbon for their own growth. Therefore, our guilt-free seal calculator, calculates:

1. Carbon emission: This will be calculated per product. It will show the data of carbon emitted from harvest till final finish. The overall data will be captured and documented.

2. Carbon Sequestration: This will also be calculated per product. It will show the data of carbon stored and locked up by the product. The amount of carbon locked up won’t be released back to the atmosphere as long as the products lives.

3. Carbon Capturing: The amount of carbon emitted by the product shall be multiplied by 5 and the amount shall be translated to number of plantation teak seedlings to be replanted so as to recapture loss carbon (or as a compensation for the emitted carbon during production).

Therefore, the guilt-free seal on each product if scanned will reveal:

a. Data of Carbon Emitted

b. Data of sequestered carbon

c. Data of compensated captured carbon and amount of carbon it will capture for the next 30 years.


We have active market for our product in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Greece and the United States of America.


What makes our product unique and the most sought after is its quality and more importantly it’s conformity with environmental friendliness.

On buying our product, you are assured of a sustainable environment-friendly product of the highest standard. Free of any environmental degradation, but rather contributing to a better climate and towards reaching the Net-zero goal. Lastly, it is a cheaper and safer alternative at the same quality as Burma/Myanmar teak.